Lim(林) Family's Vinegar Pork Trotter

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Black sweet vinegar trotter is a heritage Cantonese dish that is especially nourishing for postnatal recovery during the confinement period for new mothers. It is actually a rather common dish enjoyed by everyone today, loaded with a generous amount of ginger to purge 'wind', this dish is also rich in protein, collagen and calcium to nourish the body that consumes it.


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Uncle Richard aka Lao Hokkien (老福建 ) is our 74 year old vendor born to a family of craftsmen. His talented mother known by all who lived in Tiong Bahru then, was one of the top 4 Singapore wedding tailors of Singapore in the 70s. Dresses in the the most expensive imported french laces led to patronage of the many local tycoon families that she also made her delicious dishes for.

This is a heritage recipe learnt from their Cantonese nanny or "Ma Je" (妈姐), which she transformed into a delectable family dish that we now have the honor of reviewing today. Uncle Richard cycles to a nearby wet market early morning to get fresh pork trotters so that its retains its clean flavor with no musky pork aftertaste. His secret is the way he painstakingly prepares the ginger before he uses it to braise the pork. Only top grade Chan Kong Thye Black Sweet Rice Vinegar and Bentong ginger is used.


ORDER CONTACT: (+65) 8893-6956 (whatsapp)

Each portion is cooked on its own in a claypot. So expect a home-made feel and flavor met only with Uncle Richard's sharp tasting ability. 姜还是老的辣 ("Jiang hai shi lao de la, a chinese saying that means the old ginger is always more spicy, meaning the older person is always more experienced)

The tart broth is smooth and refreshingly clean and you know as soon as you take that first bite that every effort is made in ensuring the timing required to cook this into perfection is met. Trotters are soft, not mushy with a firm enough texture that its gives splendid mouthfeel. This will perfectly enlighten you why not everything that falls off the bone is the best way to braise meats. You enjoy robust gingery and vinegary flavors without being overpowered and it is also a hearty broth sips well.

The dish is cooked fresh every morning with fresh pork bought just before the sun rises. If you have leftovers, keeping it in the fridge overnight would deliver even more flavor when you heat it up the next day for consumption. Couple this with a delicious steaming bowl of white jasmine rice, this becomes heart warming meal to power the rest of your day.

  1. A portion uses 1 whole trotter at $48. (Feeds around 4 people)

  2. Order includes 4 eggs.

  3. Additional eggs at $1.00 each.

  4. Only 10 orders available per day and allow a minimum of 2 days notice before delivery.

  5. Delivery costs $8 or free with purchases above $120.

  6. Delivery timings will be available only upon order.

*Note that hard boiled eggs are not added to the vinegar broth with the dish as a broken egg will surely affect the taste of the precious black soup. So expect it to be delivered separately.

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