Lim(林) Family's Vinegar Pork Trotter

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Black sweet vinegar trotter is a heritage Cantonese dish that is especially nourishing for postnatal recovery during the confinement period for new mothers. It is actually a rather common dish enjoyed by everyone today, loaded with a generous amount of ginger to purge 'wind', this dish is also rich in protein, collagen and calcium to nourish the body that consumes it.


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Uncle Richard aka Lao Hokkien (老福建 ) is our 74 year old vendor born to a family of craftsmen. His talented mother known by all who lived in Tiong Bahru then, was one of the top 4 Singapore wedding tailors of Singapore in the 70s. Dresses in the the most expensive imported french laces led to patronage of the many local tycoon families that she also made her delicious dishes for.