Rules and guidelines for your home based food business

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

The rise of the home-based food business is growing in every class and lifestyle of Singaporeans. From 40 cents Malay epok epok to 100 dollar designer cakes, you have your aunties and grandmas to accomplished chefs and hobby bakers being part of this burgeoning home based food industry.

Under the HDB/URA’s Home-based scale business scheme, You DO NOT need to apply for a license to start your business at home and this is applied to both HDB and private properties.

Wait what? No license and I can actually start my business? Yes, but it is important to note several criterias that you must follow to prevent external forces invading your home and affecting your freedom to operate. The two most important points everyone must note is to keep your food HYGIENIC and ensure your activities DO NOT DISTURB the other residents in your vicinity. Download the official URA Guidelines here.